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 Here is a unique, affordable and creative wedding idea. We will release white doves at your wedding in the South Florida area. If your wedding is in Broward, Dade or Palm Beach County (Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, Boynton Beach, Plantation, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Hollywood or any city in South Florida), we could add to your special day with a beautiful white dove release.

The bride and groom can release the two white dove birds from a heart-shaped basket as they exit or move on to the reception. You may also choose to have a whole flock of white birds released at the culmination of the ceremony. Dove releases are awesome for beach weddings, too.

A white dove release may take place at the church, hotel, home garden or the beach.


wedding dove releaseTypically the bride and groom will hold a white basket with two white doves inside and then as they exit the building, they will open the basket and the two doves will fly up into the air symbolizing the bride and groom entering the world together to begin their lives as a married couple.

The bride and groom may want to read a poem or have someone in the wedding party read before opening the basket. You can plan the release of the birds in your own way. The couple can hold the birds in their hands and release them simultaneously, or they may decide to have each member of the wedding party hold a dove and everyone release them together. Professional bird handlers are available to help with the release.

We will personally arrive before the wedding and set up discretely for the release. We are dependable and our clothing attire is always professional. We are flexible and accommodating for release ideas you may have to help make your day extra special. There are only a few guideline to follow.

1. The birds may only be released in the daylight with plenty of time to get home before dark.

2. The birds may not be released in heavy rain or fog.flock of doves

3. The birds must be released with an open view of the sky.

Our birds are specially trained to return home after being released. They must be able to get home the same day for their own safety. We love our birds and give them the best of care. They live in a spacious bird loft in our Pompano Beach backyard. Our birds are clean, healthy and free from diseases. These birds are bred and raised by us. No harm comes to these beautiful creatures in the participation of your ceremony.

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The White Dove

releasing wedding dovesIs a symbol of Peace, Purity, Love, Tranquility, Fidelity, and Faith. White is the color of purity as with the bride's gown. The dove is a symbol of peace. Noah sent a dove out to find land after the flood and the dove returned home. The dove returned to Noah with a fresh olive branch shoot. In present time, the picture of this dove with an olive shoot in his mouth is the universal symbol of peace. The dove was a means of making peace with God for the ancient Jewish people. The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove. In ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia (food and drink) was brought to the gods in Olympus by the doves.

The dove will take a mate and stay with this mate for life. The mournful cry of a dove gives the impression he is sad and lonely, but the fact is they will emit their mournful cry only when they are content. The two mated doves will share in the rearing of eggs and the young unlike most birds. The father dove will care for the young until they are able to live on their own. Most birds leave the female to do all of the work. These facts about the doves are why they are so endearing to us.

dove release

The Cost of a wedding has become a major expense in a couple's life. The average cost has dropped from 2009 to 2011. The average cost in 2009 based on spending habits of brides and grooms was reported to be in the $30,000 range. The average has shifted downwards because people are spending less each year in response to economic uncertainty. Fathers of brides are being creative in cutting cost by finding unique and inexpensive venues. The father of the bride is traditionally responsible for paying the bill for the wedding. Fathers are finding beach weddings to be very attractive to the wallet. Beach weddings can bypass the cost of a church or other facility, but there is still the reception which is usually the major portion of the expense.

Backyard weddings and receptions are becoming very popular. One couple decided to tie the knot in a friend's beautiful backyard and pocket the money they would have spent on an extravagant wedding in order to put a down payment on a new house. Buying houses for newlyweds has become more difficult these days. The old days of 100% financing have mostly disappeared and today's bank wants a minimum of 10 percent down payment. Traditionally a couple would get married and then buy a house and begin their life journey adding kids and pets along the way. Today's modern couple may get married at the courthouse while renting an apartment, saving money to eventually have a wedding ceremony and buy a house. The story doesn't always end the way it was intended; the wedding ceremony becomes way too much of an expense, and the investment in a single family house becomes the priority.

Will traditional weddings and receptions continue to fade away? Most couples believe they won't fade away but will evolve and steer away from expensive venues. Most ladies have dreamed of, since childhood, a formal wedding with all of the traditions. Perhaps new businesses will emerge to accommodate the penny-minded families-to-be. Caterers and photographers may have to evolve with the changing times. Maybe companies will emerged that will provide pre-paid wedding plans, not unlike pre-paid college funds for fathers of daughters.

One thing we are mindful of at Wedding Day Doves is the cost. We have more than once adjusted our prices downward. Every business such as caterers, photographers, florists and facilitators have expenses and also need to make a profit. We also have expenses but try to minimize costs to provide an affordable service.


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